Sun Health at Home versus Long-Term Care Insurance

Sun Health at Home Versus Long-Term Care Insurance

If your parents have long-term care insurance or are considering purchasing it, Sun Health at Home serves as both an alternative and complement to long-term care Insurance.  Both Sun Health at Home and long-term care insurance allow you to prepay for long-term care costs. However, Sun Health at Home can provide more comprehensive benefits than most long-term care insurance policies at a lower overall cost and does not require stringent criteria to receive care. If your parents currently have a long-term care insurance policy, Sun Health at Home can help address the gaps in coverage that exist with your policy.

The comparison below will help you to understand some of the differences between Sun Health at Home and long-term care insurance policies. Our Membership Coordinator can help you and your parents compare these alternatives.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Sun Health at Home

  • Your parent(s) handle the phone calls, paperwork and coordinate their own care services
  • Your parent(s) will have a Personal Wellness Coordinator who is available 24/7. He or she develops a strong relationship with you and your family, and works with your parent(s) to develop a personal care plan. As they need services, their Wellness Coordinator will coordinate and support them.
  • There is an elimination period before benefits begin (on average 100 days)
  • There is no elimination period nor any waiting periods to satisfy. The day your parent(s) need help is the day they get help.
  • Your parent(s) must need help with at least two (2) activities of daily living, documented by a physician, and be receiving care services for the duration of the elimination period before they can file a claim
  • A physician order is not required before receiving care. A member can start receiving care with just one (1) deficiency in activities of daily living.
  • Does not protect assets from rising care costs
  • Preserves your parent’s assets as the cost of care rises in the future
  • Most policies will have a time limit or monetary limit on the amount of care your parent(s) can receive
  • Your parent(s) are guaranteed care for life
  • Your parent(s) are not guaranteed care at the community of their choice
  • You will receive care at a Sun Health assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing facility if and when needed
  • Long-term care insurance policies generally limit services to health care services only
  • In addition to being an advocate for your parent(s) health care, the program provides wellness services, coordinates transportation needs, homemaker/companion services, referrals to vetted home maintenance providers
  • Care coordinators can be located anywhere in the country and may not have knowledge of local resources
  • Locally-owned and operated which gives us first-hand knowledge of community resources