Everything You and Your Parents Need to Know

Sun Health at Home FAQs

Are your parents interested in the amenities of a continuing care community, but want to stay in their own home as they age in place?


Sun Health at Home could be the answer.

What is Sun Health at Home?

Sun Health at Home is a continuing care at home program that offers highly personalized services and care that help seniors age in place, remaining in their homes safely and confidently as they grow older. It combines the assurance of needed support, personalized coordination of services and a cost-effective alternative or complement to long-term care insurance, all leading to the highest possible level of independence.

Why haven’t I heard about this approach to retirement before?

Not everyone wants to live in a retirement community, but the benefits of continuing care programs are undeniable. Sun Health at Home takes the best of a continuing care retirement community, bringing it home to you. The Sun Health at Home program is our response to growing demand for aging in place solutions, so you can maintain independence, staying in your home with full confidence knowing your health care needs will be taken care of.

The program is licensed and regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance. Sun Health at Home is the first program of its kind in Arizona. While this innovative concept is new to our area, the concept of “continuing care at home” originated in 1985. There are currently more than 30 programs in operation or development around the country. Sun Health is proud to make this model available to the communities we serve.

Why choose Sun Health at Home?

Sun Health at Home is an innovative program focused on health, wellbeing, vitality and quality of life. Members can enjoy many of the benefits found at brick-and-mortar retirement communities without having to move out of their own home. Sun Health at Home, a nonprofit community-based organization, offers its members autonomy and dignity in their future care, while providing flexibility, choices and financial protection as they age in place.

What are the benefits of Sun Health at Home?

Sun Health at Home offers the following:

  1. Lifetime guarantee of care
  2. Fraction of the cost of “pay-as-you-go”
  3. Protection of your hard-earned financial assets
  4. Coordination of home health care that takes the burden from your spouse or family
  5. Fees are tax-deductible as a prepaid medical expense
  6. Sun Health at Home comes from a trusted name in the community – Sun Health. Sun Health is an organization with five decades of experience in providing high quality care in the Valley.

How does Sun Health at Home work?

Adults age 55 and older who are reasonably healthy and living independently may apply for membership. There is a one-time investment to become a member, plus a monthly fee based on age and plan options. Fees are discounted for two people in the same household.

How is Sun Health at Home different from long-term care insurance?

The Sun Health at Home program is more comprehensive and cost-effective than most long-term care insurance plans, and does not require you to meet stringent criteria to receive care.

The program focuses on providing and coordinating long-term care services for members for the rest of their lives, but also in preserving assets as the cost of care rises in the future. We strive to develop close relationships between members and their wellness coordinators, beginning the very day they join the program.

We concentrate on quality of care, preserving your lifestyle and providing peace-of-mind to our Sun Health at Home members’, comfort and familiarity of the homes they love so much.

What are some of the benefits Sun Health at Home offers over other alternatives?

Each member is partnered with a wellness coordinator, a professional who will coordinate all aspects of care. Each member will receive high-quality care when they need it. There are no waiting periods to satisfy or a physician order is not required before receiving care. Members work collaboratively with their wellness coordinator to develop and implement an effective care plan.

Why would I join Sun Health at Home, instead of just paying for care when I need it?

Healthcare costs add up quickly and many of these costs are not covered by health insurance or long-term care insurance, causing financial hardships for many families. Sun Health at Home allows an individual to pay for a lifetime of care now, in today’s dollars, while enjoying tax deductibility of prepaid medical expenses.

Creating a plan today when you are healthy and independent enables you to enjoy life without worrying about long-term care, burdening others or making difficult decisions in a moment of crisis.

Some examples of healthcare costs in the Phoenix area:

  • Nursing Home costs are currently $210 per day or $76,650 per year
  • Assisted Living costs are currently $163 per day or $59,495 per year
  • Private duty, in-home assistance from a caregiver typically costs $20-22 per hour, with a four-hour minimum
4 hours per day 8 hours per day 24 hours per day
30 days $2,400 $4,800 $14,400
6 months $14,400 $28,800 $86,400
1 year $29,200 $58,400 $175,200

What is a Wellness Coordinator?

As a member, you’ll be partnered with a personal wellness coordinator who becomes your point of contact for wellness, health and long-term care services. Wellness coordinators are either licensed social workers or registered nurses who look out for your wellbeing and coordinate any wellness, health and long-term care services you may need. They help you maintain your independence, in your home and on your terms.

What are the criteria for membership in the Sun Health at Home program?

  • Age 55 or better
  • The ability to live independently in your own home with no current signs of cognitive impairment or serious health conditions that could require long-term care in the near future
  • Reside in the designated service area
  • The financial resources needed to afford the entrance and monthly fees without undue hardship
  • Medicare Parts A, B & D, Medicare Advantage or equivalent hospital, medical and pharmaceutical insurance coverage
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